Evesham Office tel: 01386 40220 , Wolverhampton Office tel: 01902 428202

Emslie Bird are committed to providing quality services to our clients but we also recognise our responsibilities to the environment.

All our paper is sourced from confirmed FSC suppliers and paper use is minimised by using the latest technology available. Completed work is scanned and the paper files are shredded for security. Our shredded paper is either sent for paper recycling or else used by Vale Wildlife Rescue for  animal bedding.

Our consumption of electricity is monitored and we actively seek to reduce our useage on an ongoing basis. All new office equipment is considered primarily on its green energy rating and lighting and equipment are switched off when not in use.

Business travel is kept to a minimum so that we do not add unnecessarily to traffic congestion and CO2. Where practical public transport is used to avoid un-necessary road use.

We have partnered with Carbon Footprint in 2018  to complete a full assessment of our carbon impact and worked with them to properly calculate the carbon output from our business activities. We have taken advantage of their  Tree planting  scheme to complete sufficient tree planting to completely offset our carbon footprint.

We are delighted to confirm that we are now a carbon neutral business.